Nothing Lasts Forever...

Not Even Stone and Brick!

     The beauty and durability of stone and brick is legendary.  But nothing lasts forever; so it’s better not to wait too long before a problem gets too big and costly.  In the upper midwest, moisture and temperature can affect masonry and concrete.  Following are some of the problems that can arise from either harsh weather or improper use of materials or techniques in the original construction.

Water and cold can deteriorate flat concrete on balconies, which often loosens railings and creates a danger to residents.

When caulk deteriorates on coping, water can seep behind the stonework below and cause serious damage.  New caulk done early enough can prevent this damage to mortar joints between brick and stone.

Water can permeate cracks in mortar between bricks or cracks in brick itself, especially in old buildings like this one in Milwaukee’s historic 3rd Ward District.  When left go too long, large sections of brick can be affected.

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